Adoption Form 

All potential adopters and foster homes are screened for suitable placement of animals. We reserve the right to refuse placement of an animal for any reason.


  • You must be 21 years of age or older and have identification showing your present address.

  • You must have the consent of all adults living in the household.

  • You must have the consent of your landlord if you rent your residence and proof of pet deposit.

  • Your pets must have current vaccinations and be free of contagious illnesses and be spayed or neutered.

  • You must be able and willing to spend the time necessary to provide/administer proper training, medical treatment, and care for the pet.

  • You must agree that any damage done to your home by the pet is NOT our responsibility.

  • Adoptions are restricted to families with children ages 7yr and older and are considered on a “case by case” basis.


​We have two formats for you to choose from, a Microsoft Word Document, or an Adobe PDF file. Once the application is filled out, please email the form to us:

Last Hope Doberman Rescue